Linda Frances Alexander (LFA) Scholars Program Overview

The Linda Frances Alexander Scholars Program (LFA) provides academic, social and cultural enrichment for students of the African Diaspora that empowers them to attain educational excellence and prepare for our competitive global society. Students enroll as new first-years or transfers and will participate through their first year at UC Davis. A week-long residential program before classes begin, kicks off the first year with a culturally relevant introduction to university life that includes goal-setting, leadership training, academic advising and an introduction to university expectations. Students benefit from the wisdom of former LFA scholars who serve as peer mentors during the summer. Throughout the first academic year, LFA Scholars commit to the services and activities provided by the program to ensure their academic, social and co-curricular success at UC Davis. One of keystone services is the LFA Seminar that is provided to LFA Scholars in the Fall Quarter. Linda Frances Alexander Scholars become campus and community leaders who exemplify successful Black scholarship and achievement

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