Hear from LFA Scholars

“To me, being an LFA scholar means striving to do your best and being resilient. It means being a student who stands through adversity and faces challenges with a growth mindset. LFA Scholars also lead by example and help cultivate a sense of community for other Black students on campus.”


“I would tell an incoming LFA Scholar to be intentional about connecting with his/her professors and LFA peers. The relationships that are formed in LFA can really help one’s experience at UC Davis as a Black student. I would also strongly encourage incoming LFA Scholars to seek academic help ASAP, particularly before week 4 if the scholar feels he/she is already struggling in a class(es).”


“It allowed me to feel more comfortable in my Blackness which was something I had previously struggled with.”


And a testimony from one of our parents:

“Just picked Sam  up and can I just say that I don’t know what magic you and your team worked on this guy but he was like a different person when he got in the car. I watched him walk in such a self-assured way to the car and when he got in the  first thing he said was “I feel so confident now.” ((Insert praise hands here)) 


"My husband and I attended CAL in the late 80s and we have both been saying that we wish we’d had similar support there then. So from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU. You have no idea what it meant to hear Sam say those words: I feel so confident now. Please convey our absolute gratitude to your team on our behalf; you all are THE BEST. And please don’t hesitate to reach out if our family can support your good work in any way."