Commitment for summer & academic year

In order to provide high touch services to the LFA Scholars, we limit the size of the program to 30-40 students. This allows the program staff to meet with LFA Scholars one-to-one at least twice a quarter, to implement academic interventions in a timely manner and consult with scholars regarding situations that arise during the first year, inside and outside the classroom.  The LFA Scholars Program also operates as a cohort program, meaning that the scholars selected go through the program as a group and contribute to their collective learning. Transfer and first-year students interact with and learn from each other; all of their activities are done together. This is foundational to the week-long summer residential component, which enables scholars to develop deeper connections with each other in addition to campus resources. Students transition into the academic year with a strong foundation of support from peers and the campus community. The foundation of academic and co-curricular support is fortified by the LFA Seminar hosted in Fall Quarter and additional year long activities.  

Student, parent and Chancellor May

If you are a student that is willing to commit to the program and trust that the program components and requirements are going to make you a well-rounded scholar, we invite you to apply and commit to the LFA Scholars Program.