nkonsonkonson symbol 

"Chain Link"
A symbol of unity and human relations.
A reminder to contribute to the community, that in unity lies strength.

Are you dedicated, professional, and respectful? Do you want to help students of the African diaspora perform at their best and have fun at the same time? If so, you should volunteer for the CADSS! 

Volunteers assist with various projects including updating resources, advertising events, and supporting existing programs.

If you are interested in volunteering informally on an as-needed basis, please email Radiance Hardiman.

If you are interested in volunteering regularly, please read on to learn more about our volunteer office assistant program. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join.

Below is a list of some sample tasks that volunteers can do and choose from, depending on what types of tasks they are interested in and comfortable with. (So if tabling or answering phones isn’t quite your thing, don’t worry.)

Sample Tasks:

  • Creating a welcoming space at the center by greeting visitors as they come in
  • Tabling at events
  • Updating events bulletin boards
  • Answering phones
  • And more!

Fill out an online volunteer application and feel free to call 530-754-0854 or email CADSS about opportunities.