Programs Focused on the African American and African Experience

  • The African American and African Academic Theme Program, located in Campbell Hall, is open to freshmen of all ethnicities who are interested in exploring African American and African cultures. This living-learning community is a wonderful way for first-year students to transition to university life and develop a rich connection with the campus African American community from day one. Each February, residents transform the floor into an exhibit that commemorates Black History month and invite the public to tour the exhibit, which also features occasional skits and performances. For more information, please contact Christa Poindexter at 530-754-6521.
  • The African American and African Studies major explores the ways in which the experience for people of African descent has been shaped by socio-political and economic factors, and the aesthetic dimensions of the experience as expressed in the arts and literature. Students in this major take a variety of courses focused on the African‑American experience in the U.S., and the African diasporic experience. A minor or double-major in this field can enhance your primary academic focus and increase your marketable skills upon graduation. For more information, please contact Dionica Bell at 530-754-9581.
  • The Linda Frances Alexander Scholars Program provides academic, social and cultural enrichment for African American and African students in support of their academic success and personal development. For more information, please contact Dr. Kawami Evans at 530-754-0854.
  • The Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) coordinates a variety of programs focused on supporting and promoting our campus cultural communities. Some of these efforts focused on the African diaspora include: African Diaspora Cultivating Education, a mentorship program; the annual Black Leadership Retreat; and planning assistance for the University of California's Afrikan Black Coalition conference.